Second Tumbleton

After the news of unrest in King’s Landing reached Tumbleton, the Hightower army considered advancing on the city, but there was doubt among the leaders. With Aemond slain and Aegon II missing, the Greens were left without clear leaders. Prince Daeron, next in line for the throne, was a candidate, but others wanted him as Prince of Dragonstone or even king. Lord Hugh Hammer wanted to be crowned king by right of conquest.

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He had the oldest and largest dragon alive, Vermithor, much more giant than Daeron’s Tessarion. Ulf the White supported Hugh’s plan. Lord Unwin Peake and Ser Hobert Hightower secretly plotted the deaths of the Two Betrayers, with Daeron’s approval.

Before their plan could be executed, Tumbleton was attacked at night by Addam Velaryon, riding his dragon Seasmoke, and an army of loyal blacks. The large green army in Tumbleton outnumbered their attackers but had grown complacent during their extended stay. Ulf the White slept through the Second Battle of Tumbleton. Hugh Hammer was killed by one of the Caltrops, Lord Jon Roxton, who was then slain by Hugh’s men in retaliation. Daeron’s death remains unclear, with different accounts suggesting different causes.

Addam and Seasmoke fought the riderless Tessarion and Vermithor. Vermithor killed Seasmoke by ripping off its head but succumbed to his wounds afterward. Tessarion, injured, couldn’t fly properly. Lord Benjicot Blackwood put her out of her misery. Addam also died in the battle.

Although they won, the rivermen couldn’t take Tumbleton. The town’s gates were closed, and without a dragon or proper equipment, they couldn’t start a siege. So, they took what they could and left only one dragon behind, Silverwing.

Hobert drank poisoned Arbor gold with him to eliminate Ulf the White, leading to their mutual deaths. Lord Peake led the green army in a retreat without a leader or a rider for Silverwing. King’s Landing had been saved.


The Second Battle of Tumbleton was a victory for the Blacks, but it was incomplete. Supporting the Blacks, the river lords lost fewer than a hundred men and killed over a thousand of Hobert Hightower’s Green army. However, they failed to retake Tumbleton as Aegon II Targaryen’s Green survivors sealed the gates after their retreat. The Blacks, lacking siege equipment, couldn’t continue the attack and withdrew during the night after the battle. Among the dragons, only Silverwing survived; three others died.

The Caltrops, a group plotting against Ulf White, successfully poisoned Hobert and Ulf. Lord Unwin Peake took command after Hobert’s death, but the Green Army faced challenges like deserters and plunderers. Peake led the remaining forces in a retreat from Tumbleton, ending the green threat to King’s Landing.

Despite the loss of dragons, the battle was a significant victory for the Blacks. They lost fewer men, and strategically, it was a win as the disintegrating Hightower army had to withdraw. However, the victory was overshadowed by the chaotic riots in King’s Landing due to fear of the approaching Hightowers.

After the battle, Lord Grover Tully passed away, and Ser Elmo Tully briefly became Lord of Riverrun. The river lords regrouped at Riverrun and gathered more men, including the Mallisters and the Brackens. In about two months, their combined forces increased to nearly 6,000 men, and they marched east to face the Baratheon host in the Battle of the Kingsroad outside of King’s Landing.

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