The Dance over Shipbreaker Bay

Amidst a gathering storm, Lucerys flew to Storm’s End to find Prince Aemond and his dragon Vhagar already present. Aemond, attempting to provoke Lucerys, insulted him and called him a Strong bastard. Despite the provocation, Lucerys, bound by his oath not to fight, refused to engage in combat. He delivered his message to Lord Borros Baratheon but was rejected and ordered to leave.

While Borros prevented Aemond from attacking Lucerys within the castle, he allowed the prince to follow him. During the raging storm, Aemond, mounted on his massive dragon Vhagar, caught up with Lucerys. The battle between the two dragons was brief; Vhagar’s immense size gave it the upper hand, and Arrax was defeated. Three days later, Lucerys’s head and neck washed ashore, along with the remains of his fallen dragon. The tragic outcome marked another grim chapter in the Dance of the Dragons.

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