Steffan Rhodri as Lord Hobert Hightower

There was a time when Hobert Hightower was a knight from House Hightower. He may have been a knight who lived on land.

How He Looks Like, Character and Origin

Hobert was both fat and slow. It wasn’t until late in life that he stood out. Hobert had a beautiful tent made of silk. Hobert fought in the Dance of the Dragons for King Aegon II Targaryen, who is related to him. For his nephew Lord Ormund Hightower, was in charge of the car with the bags.

After Ormund died in the First Battle of Tumbleton, Hobert, who was sixty years old then, was put in charge of the greens’ army because he was the most senior Hightower still alive. Prince Daeron Targaryen told Hobert to stop the sacking of Tumbleton, but Hobert did a terrible job.

Hobert was a leader of the Caltrops, along with Lord Unwin Peake. The Caltrops planned to kill the Two Betrayers, Hugh Hammer and Ulf White, after the traitorous Dragonseeds said they wanted to take the Iron Throne.

Ser Jon Roxton, one of the Caltrops, killed Hugh Hammer in the Second Battle of Tumbleton, but Ulf slept through the whole thing because he was drunk. Ulf drank from two casks of wine that Hobert brought him after the battle: an Arbor gold and a Dornish red. They talked about Ulf’s plan to attack King’s Landing while drinking.

The Arbor gold was poisoned because Ulf liked sweet wines, and Hobert had planned to keep the sour red for himself. Ulf, who was suspicious, made Hobert share the Arbor gold with him even though Hobert was sweating, stuttering, and too excited.

Hobert didn’t act against his friends; instead, he had his squire pour him a cup of wine, which he drank and then asked for another cup. Ulf was happy with this, so he immediately drank three cups of the poisoned wine. It was too late for Hobert to make himself throw up after Ulf passed out. Both of them died in an hour; their hearts stopped beating.

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