Tessarion; Blue Queen Ridden by Prince Daeron Targaryen

Beautiful blue she-dragon, Tessarion was. Her claws, crest, and belly scales were the color of dazzling hammered copper, while her wings were dark cobalt. Her flames were also a cobalt blue hue.

Tessarion reached fighting size by 129 AC. She was the youngest fighting weight dragon in Aegon II Targaryen‘s army during the Dance of the Dragons, making her younger than Vhagar, Dreamfyre, and Sunfyre. Tessarion was one-third Vermithor‘s size by 130 AC. Tessarion was a young dragon that was nimble in the air.

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Where Tessarion Mentioned and The Death Story

Reign of Viserys I

Tessarion had become close to Prince Daeron Targaryen by 120 AC, even though Daeron had not yet ridden him. Daeron was unknown when he piloted Tessarion, but by 129 AC, he had become a dragonrider.

The Story of Death

To save Lord Ormund Hightower and his troops during the Dance of the Dragons, Daeron rode Tessarion into the Battle on the Honeywine in the Reach. The Hightower army won because they showed up and participated in the fight.

As the Hightower army advanced up the Roseroad toward King’s Landing—which Rhaenyra Targaryen‘s forces had overrun—Daeron and Tessarion stayed behind. Daeron’s reconnaissance flight above Tessarion at this period came in handy for the southern host before the army’s main column. The loyalists of Rhaenyra frequently left the area as soon as they saw Tessarion because they were afraid to engage the dragon’s fire head-on.

In the First Battle of Tumbleton, a lesser contingent of Rhaenyra’s supporters and the Hightower army engaged in combat at Tumbleton, a market town on the Mander. Tessarion took part in the conflict. After that, Tessarion and her rider stayed at Tumbleton with the army of the Hightower.

Tessarion was free to soar and hunt anywhere she pleased after being set free. Not a hundred yards from his pavilion, the she-dragon lay in the rider’s camp west of the town.

Following the disappearance of King Aegon II Targaryen and the passing of Prince Aemond Targaryen, the Realm’s Protector, Hugh Hammer, a dragonseed who had previously claimed Vermithor and switched allegiance from the blacks to the greens during the First Tumbleton, decided to challenge for the Iron Throne.

One-third the size of his own dragon and significantly less intimidating, Tessarion was the only dragon of fighting weight with a rider clinging to the greens, so he felt confident in his choice.

Ser Tyler Norcross thought Tessarion alone should be sufficient to retake the Iron Throne, while Lord Unwin Peake countered that their victory would be more specific if they had the dragons of Hugh and Ulf in their possession. The Caltrops were the lords and knights who plotted to kill Hammer and his fellow dragonseed, Ulf the White.

The Second Battle of Tumbleton broke out two days later due to Addam Velaryon’s unexpected nighttime attack on Seasmoke. The conflict began with the death of Tessarion’s rider. Flying up, howling and spitting flame, Tessarion, riding without a ride, engaged Addam Velaryon and Seasmoke in combat. After a while, Tessarion disappeared into the clouds and reappeared behind Seasmoke’s spouting flames as the dragons repeatedly pursued one another.

The duel between Tessarion and Seasmoke was described as more of a courtship dance than a combat once it was over. Seasmoke turned toward the elder dragon as Addam Velaryon saw Vermithor take to the skies. Tessarion lunged in during their tussle.

Each of the three dragons lost their life in the Battle. Tessarion was the last to pass away, although Seasmoke and Vermithor passed away first. She attempted to fly three more times, but each time she was unsuccessful. She appeared to be in discomfort by late afternoon following the conflict. Billy Burley, Blackwood’s finest archer, killed the dying dragon by firing three arrows into her eye at Lord Benjicot Blackwood’s order.

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