Ewan Mitchell as Prince Aemond Targaryen

English actor Ewan Robert Mitchell. He is known for his parts in the ITV period drama The Halcyon (2017), the BBC war drama World on Fire (2019–2022), the HBO fantasy series House of the Dragon (2022–), and the ITV medieval drama The Last Kingdom (2017–2022). He was also in the ITV crime series Trigger Point (2022) and Claire Denis’s movie High Life.

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Ewan Mitchell as Prince Aemond Targaryen

Prince Aemond Targaryen was a member of House Targaryen. He was also known as Aemond One Eye and later as Aemond the Kinslayer. His younger brother was King Aegon II Targaryen. He was the second son of King Viserys I Targaryen by his second wife, Queen Alicent Hightower. In the same way as his brothers, Aemond rode the dragon Vhagar.

How Prince Aemond Targaryen Looks Like and Specialities of His Character

People said Aemond was half as big as his bigger brother Aegon when he was born, but twice as dangerous. Aemond lost his right eye in a fight with his nephew Lucerys Velaryon when he was ten years old. For a while, Aemond put a diamond in the place of the eye that was missing. Aemond would sometimes cover his sapphire eye with an eye patch, like when he was with Borros Baratheon’s wife and children in the Round Hall of Storm’s End.

As a child, Aemond was brave, crazy, stubborn, short-tempered, and mean. He learned to be a good and dangerous fencer. When he was young, Aemond wore nightblack armour and chased with gold.

Aemond Targaryen Birthe and Beginning of His Life

They had a son named Aemond in 110 AD. His father was King Viserys I Targaryen and his mother was Queen Alicent Hightower. Aegon was his older brother, and Rhaenyra was his older sister. Viserys’s first wife had given birth to Rhaenyra. In the end, Aemond would also have a younger brother named Daeron.

There was trouble at the court of Viserys I when Aemond and his bigger brother Aegon were born. In 105 AD, the King made Rhaenyra his official heir, his only living child from his first marriage. However, when two healthy sons were born, he refused to change the order of succession. There was a time when the “party of the princess” was more popular than the “queen’s party” at the royal court.

It was also said that Prince Daemon Targaryen, who was Aemond’s uncle and the younger brother of King Viserys, didn’t like Aemond or Aegon very much because they pushed him even further down the line of succession.

Alicent, Aemond’s mother, and Rhaenyra, their older half-sister, were always at odds with each other, and it showed in their children. Rhaenyra’s three sons, Princes Jacaerys, Lucerys, and Joffrey Velaryon, became rivals of Aemond and his brothers because they thought they stole their birthright, the Iron Throne. The six boys didn’t like being around each other, and the times they had to spend together—at feasts, training at arms, or learning under the same maester—made their dislike grow.

Ser Laenor Velaryon, Aemond’s brother-in-law, died in 120 AC. He was ten years old at the time. Aemond went to Driftmark with his parents and brothers to attend Laenor’s funeral. King Viserys suggested going to Dragonstone after the funeral. He told Aemond, who was the only one of his brothers who didn’t already have a dragon that he could “boldly” claim a dragon egg or hatchling on Dragonstone as his own.

Because his father’s reply made Aemond mad, he claimed Vhagar, the oldest dragon, who had just lost his rider when Laena Velaryon died. Vhagar was on Driftmark, and Aemond tried to get close to the dragon in secret because he knew his parents wouldn’t let him.

Aemond was caught by Prince Joffrey, his nephew who is three years old. To get the younger boy to be quiet, Aemond hit him and threatened him before pushing him into a pile of dragon poop. Aemond got on top of Vhagar’s back when Joffrey started to yell. The dragon escaped her chains, and Aemond flew around twice before landing.

On the other hand, Joffrey had scared his two older brothers, Jacaerys and Lucerys Velaryon. Aemond called his brothers “Strongs” after they fought with wooden training swords. Since Jacaerys was old enough to understand what was said, he struck Aemond again. Aemond got the upper hand and started beating Jacaerys badly. Lucerys pulled out his knife and cut Aemond in the face, killing him.

After what happened, Queen Alicent wanted Lucerys to lose an eye as a punishment, but King Viserys refused. Princess Rhaenyra then wanted Aemond to be questioned “sharply” until he admitted where he heard her sons being called “Strongs,” which meant they were scum, and that Rhaenyra was guilty of high treason for sleeping with Ser Harwin Strong. Aemond finally admitted that he had heard the name from his brother, Prince Aegon, when his father made him.

Even though Aemond was harsh, he would later say that he thought losing an eye was a good price to pay to get Vhagar. Even though he had lost an eye, Ser Criston Cole, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, helped Aemond become a dangerous fighter.

King Viserys held a feast on the first day of the year 127 CE to celebrate getting better. After the King left the feast, Aemond toasted his three nephews Velaryon and made fun of the way they looked by calling them “three strong boys.”

Aemond in the House of the Dragons

His father, King Viserys I Targaryen, died in 129 AC. Aemond was nineteen years old at the time. Despite their elder sister Rhaenyra being Viserys’ chosen heir, Aemond’s older brother Aegon II Targaryen was named King, which sparked the Dance of the Dragons succession conflict. People who supported Aegon knew that Rhaenyra would probably fight against his crowning.

When Boremund Baratheon was Lord of Storm’s End, he sided with Princess Rhaenys Targaryen, who was Rhaenyra’s mother-in-law and one of her allies. The Greens feared that the new lord, Borros Baratheon, would also side with Rhaenyra. Aemond was sent to Storm’s End to promise to marry one of Lord Borros’ daughters to get him to back Aegon.

The Prince of Lucerys Velaryon came to see Lord Borros while Aemond was at Storm’s End to speak for Rhaenyra. Aemond tried to get Lucerys angry, but she ignored his uncle. When Aemond told Lucerys he owed him an eye as a threat, Borros wouldn’t let them fight in his house. Aemond was held back by Borros’s men, which let Lucerys leave the hall and ride off on his dragon, Arrax.

Aemond got very angry when Maris, Borros’s daughter, made fun of him by asking if Lucerys had removed his balls and his eye. When Aemond asked Borros to leave, Borros told him that he couldn’t control what Aemond did when he wasn’t under Borros’s roof and let him leave the Round Hall. Aemond got on Vhagar and went after his nephew.

He killed Lucerys and Arrax to get back at them for taking away his eye. Mushroom says that Aemond found the boy’s body and cut off both of his eyes to give to Lady Maris on a bed of seaweed. From then on, Aemond’s enemies called him a kinslayer. The news of his actions saddened his mother and grandpa, but his older brother, King Aegon II, was happy and threw a big party for Aemond.

With a promise to his wife Rhaenyra of “a son for a son,” Prince Daemon Targaryen vowed to exact revenge on Lucerys. By talking to Mysaria, Daemon sets up the killing of Aegon II’s son Jaehaerys by Blood and Cheese. This slowly drove the child’s mother Helaena crazy and killed her as a dragonrider.

In the fight at Rook’s Rest, Aemond fought with his brother and Ser Criston Cole. Together, they killed Princess Rhaenys Targaryen and her dragon, Meleys. Even though Aemond and Vhagar were not hurt, Aegon was badly hurt. Since Aegon was sick, Aemond ruled as Prince Regent and Protector of the Realm for a year while he got better. He put on the iron and gem crown of Aegon the Conqueror and said that it looked better on him than on Aegon.

Aemond and Ser Criston Cole, the King’s Hand, put together an army. Aemond was Prince Regent. They marched against Prince Daemon at Harrenhal, but Rhaenyra and Daemon took over King’s Landing while marching. Once Aemond returned Harrenhal, he told Ser Simon Strong and his family to be killed.

On the other hand, Alys Rivers was saved and slept with Aemond. Alys stopped Aemond from killing the squire, who told Harrenhal that the greens had lost the Battle by the Lakeshore. Aemond and Criston Cole broke up. Aemond took Vhagar to burn down many black-aligned villages in the Riverlands. Lady Sabitha Frey took Harrenhal and Alys hostage, but Aemond returned to save his lover.

Prince Daemon and the Dragonseed Nettles looked all over the Riverlands for Aemond and Vhagar but couldn’t find them. In the end, Daemon went to Harrenhal with Caraxes and challenged Aemond. He then waited thirteen days until Aemond came with a pregnant Alys at sunset on the twenty-second day of the fifth month of 130 AC. Before getting on their dragons, Aemond and Daemon had a short conversation.

Aemond gave Alys an intense kiss goodbye, and then both men carefully fastened their saddle chains, but Daemon left his hanging. Small people thought the clouds were on fire during the Battle Above the Gods Eye because the Dragonfire was so bright. You could hear the dragons’ screams and roars from twelve miles away. When Caraxes attacked Vhagar from Aemond’s blind side and locked his teeth on her neck, the fight was over.

There was a fight between the two dragons as they fell from the sky into the Gods Eye lake below. Caraxes’ jaws kept getting tighter around Vhagar’s neck, biting harder even as Vhagar’s teeth tore off Caraxes’s wing and her claws opened his belly.

At the last second, Prince Daemon jumped from one dragon to the other, ripped off Aemond’s helmet, and cut his nephew in the eye with Dark Sister, his Valyrian steel sword. After that, both dragons crashed into the lake, sending a wave of water as high as the Kingspyre Tower at Harrenhal. The two men could not have lived.

Aemond Death and What Happened Afterwards

Years after they died, Aemond’s body and Vhagar’s head were found at the bottom of God’s Eye. The metal bones of Prince Aemond were still attached to Vhagar’s saddle, and Dark Sister had been stabbed deeply into his eye socket.

Alys Rivers, Aemond’s bedmate, was in charge of Harrenhal as a “witch queen” during the reign of Aegon III. When Ser Regis Groves and Ser Damon Darry told her to give up, Alys said she was Aemond’s widow and showed them a young boy, their real son and the King.

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