Sonoya Mizuno as Mysaria ‘The White Worm’

Born on July 1, 1986, Sonoya Mizuno is a British dancer, actor, and model. On TV, she is known for her parts in the 2018 Netflix show Maniac and the 2018–present HBO show House of the Dragon. She has worked with Alex Garland on his movies Ex Machina (2014), Annihilation (2018), Men (2022), and the FX drama Devs (2020). La La Land (2016), Beauty and the Beast (2017), and Crazy Rich Asians (2018) are some of her other movies.

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Sonoya Mizuno as Mysaria ‘The White Worm’

Mysaria was a dancer from Lys who was also known as Lady Misery. She fell in love with Prince Daemon Targaryen and was Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen‘s unofficial mistress of whisperers during the Dance of the Dragons.

How She Looks Like and Her Appearance

Mysaria’s skin was as light as milk. She used to be thin and slender, but as she got older, her body got thicker. Mysaria’s enemies and foes called her Misery, the White Worm, because of how she looked and what people thought of her. Mysaria wore a hooded robe made of black satin and blood-red silk when she was in charge of the whisperers.

In Paramour

Mysaria, a dancing girl from King’s Landing, became Prince Daemon Targaryen’s favored love interest. Mysaria got pregnant with Daemon’s child while living at Dragonstone around the year 105 AC. King Viserys I Targaryen was furious when Daemon gave his paramour a dragon egg for the child. The king told Daemon to return the egg and send Mysaria back to Lys. She lost the child in a storm on the narrow sea on her way back to the Free City.

Mysaria ‘The White Worm’ In the Dance of the Dragons

Prince Daemon Targaryen wanted to get back at the people who killed his nephew, Prince Lucerys Velaryon, during the Dance of the Dragons. The two killers, Blood and Cheese, broke into the Red Keep and killed Prince Jaehaerys Targaryen, who was the oldest son of King Aegon II Targaryen. They did this with the help of a pale stranger. Blood told the torturers that he had been paid by a pale older woman named Misery to do harlotry. The gold cloaks tried to find Mysaria and Cheese but failed.

At some point, Mysaria became Daemon’s talker mistress. The queen named Mysaria her mistress of whisperers only after Rhaenyra took over King’s Landing. She did not join the small council, though. Rhaenyra seemed to agree with Daemon sleeping with Mysaria every night.

Mushroom says that Mysaria stopped Rhaenyra from ripping out Queen Alicent Hightower‘s tongue. Instead, she suggested that the Dowager Queen and Queen Helaena Targaryen be taken to a brothel and forced to get pregnant with shite children. But Archmaester Gyldayn doesn’t believe what Mushroom says.

Mysaria told Rhaenyra that Daemon had been sleeping with Nettles, another Dragonrider, at Maidenpool after the First Battle of Tumbleton. Rhaenyra told Lord Manfryd Mooton to kill Nettles, but he didn’t follow through. Nettles disappeared on the Sheepstealer, and Daemon flew on Caraxes to Harrenhal to get ready to fight his nephew.

Master Corlys Velaryon was jailed for telling Ser Addam Velaryon that he would be arrested on treason charges. Ser Denys Woodwright and Ser Thoron True, two of the Sea Snake’s sworn swords, planned to free their master. But Mysaria found out about the plan from a prostitute Thoron had been sleeping with. The two knights were quickly caught and killed. September Eustace says that Helaena Targaryen killed herself by jumping after Mysaria told her that her son, Prince Maelor Targaryen, had been killed at Bitterbridge.

During the chaos in King’s Landing, Mysaria told Rhaenyra that night was coming. Rhaenyra finally left the city, but Mysaria and other court members stayed at the Red Keep. When Mysaria tried to run away after Ser Garth the Harelip gave up the Red Keep to Ser Perkin the Flea and his trash knights, she was caught. Perkin told Mysaria that she could stay alive if she could walk naked through the city to the Gate of the Gods while being beaten. Mysaria only got halfway there before she died on the cobblestones of the city.

In the House of the Dragons

It was said that Lord Brynden Rivers was just as good at whispering as Lady Misery.

The TV show House of the Dragon tries to make sense of some events that aren’t supported by the facts. In the show, Mysaria’s claimed pregnancy at Dragonstone is shown to be a lie that Daemon told to get his brother mad.

He also wrote to the small council to say that he would marry her as his second wife, which was the custom in Old Valyria. This surprised her until Ser Otto Hightower arrived at Dragonstone with the egg. She was outraged that Daemon had put her life at risk.

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