Matt Smith as Prince Daemon Targaryen

Matthew Robert Smith is an English actor born on October 28, 1982. He is best known for playing the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor in the BBC show Doctor Who (2010–2013), Prince Daemon Targaryen in the HBO show House of the Dragon (2022–present), and Prince Philip in the Netflix show The Crown (2016–2017), the latter of which earned him a Primetime Emmy Award nomination.

He became an actor in 2003 after joining the National Youth Theatre and studying drama and creative writing at the University of East Anglia.

Smith’s first TV part was as Jim Taylor in the BBC adaptations of Philip Pullman’s books The Ruby in the Smoke and The Shadow in the North in 2006. His first big TV role was as Danny in the BBC series Party Animals in 2007.

Matt Smith Net Worth, Girlfriends and More from Personal Life

NameMatt Smith
Net Worth$9.5 million (As of 2023)
Partner/GirlfriendsMayana Moura (2008 to 2009) Daisy Lowe from (2010 to 2014) Lily James (2014-2019)
Instagram HandleN/A

The relationship between Smith and Brazilian singer and actress Mayana Moura lasted from 2008 to 2009. From 2010 to 2014, he was in and out of a relationship with model Daisy Lowe. His relationship with actress Lily James lasted from 2014 to 2019.

Smith has no faith. He cares about Blackburn Rovers. He has said that Oasis are “the greatest rock-and-roll band in the world” and that his favourite band, Radiohead, has influenced him. He was named one of GQ’s 50 Best-Dressed British Men in 2015.

Matt Smith as Prince Daemon Targaryen

The younger son of Prince Baelon Targaryen and brother of King Viserys I Targaryen was Prince Daemon Targaryen. Ser Laenor Velaryon was Rhaenyra Targaryen’s first husband. Daemon was her second husband in the Princess of Dragonstone.

The most experienced Dark Sister warrior at the time was Daemon, who wielded the Valyrian steel blade. The King of the Stepstones and the Narrow Sea was Daemon A Dragonrider, whose dragon’s name was Caraxes. He was a well-known defender of his wife Rhaenyra during the Dance of the Dragons.

Archmaester Gyldayn wrote a book called The Rogue Prince, or, A King’s Brother that talks about a lot of Daemon’s life.

How Daemon Targaryen Looks Like, His Character and Appearances

Maester Yandel said that Daemon was handsome, brave, and dangerous, but also moody and quick to anger. Archmaester Gyldayn wrote that Daemon was ambitious, impulsive, and moody but also kind and angry.

Daemon was a famous warrior who was good at hunting, jousting, and using a sword. Rhaenyra Targaryen, his third wife, discovered he was cheating on her with Mysaria and maybe even Nettles.

In King’s Landing, especially in Flea Bottom and among the gold cloaks, as well as in Pentos, Daemon made a lot of friends. Ser Otto Hightower, on the other hand, hated him very much.

Daemon wore plate armour and had silver hair, according to the art for Fire & Blood and A World of Ice & Fire. When he was in charge of the City Watch in King’s Landing, he wore a gold cape and a surcoat with the three-headed dragon of House Targaryen on them. In addition to riding Caraxes, he wielded a Valyrian Dark Sister steel sword.

Daemon’s Early Life

Prince Baelon Targaryen and his sister-wife, Princess Alyssa Targaryen, had their second child, Daemon, in 81 AC. This was during the rule of his grandpa, King Jaehaerys I Targaryen. One of his brothers was Viserys, and the other was Aegon, who died when he was very young. Alyssa flew Daemon on Meleys less than two weeks after he was born. When he was young, Daemon was free-spirited and liked to try new things.

When Daemon was sixteen, he was made a knight, and King Jaehaerys I Targaryen gave him Dark Sister at some point.

Daemon married Lady Rhea Royce, the heir to Runestone, in 97 AC, but he didn’t like her or the Vale of Arryn. He called his wife his “bronze bitch.” During the Great Council in 101 AD, Daemon backed Prince Viserys’s claim because it would make him the heir after his brother.

When word got out that Lord Corlys Velaryon was getting ready to protect his son Laenor Velaryon’s rights, Daemon assembled a small army of sworn swords and men-at-arms.

In the Early Reign of Viserys I

In the event for King Viserys I’s accession in 104 AC, Ser Criston Cole beat Daemon twice, first in a fight and then in a joust. When Daemon asked his brother to end his marriage to Rhea Royce, he was turned down. From 103 AC to 104 AC, Daemon was the master of coins for a short time. After that, he was master of rules for six months.

But running the government bored Daemon, and the prince’s bad mood made him an enemy of Ser Otto Hightower, the Hand of the King. Hightower couldn’t stand Daemon and begged King Viserys to kick him off the small council.

Daemon was made Commander of the City Watch of King’s Landing. He loved his job and kept it up for about a year, which made Otto sad because he became more vigorous with 2,000 men under his leadership than ever.

Many of the regular men in the City Watch became loyal to Daemon, which led to better weapons and gear. The guards were called the gold cloaks because he gave each man a golden coat. When Daemon was in charge, crime dropped sharply. This was probably because he liked giving crooks and cutpurses harsh punishments.

In Flea Bottom’s brothels and stews, Daemon got a bad name and became known to every cutpurse, whore, and gambler. He met a prostitute called Mysaria, also known as Misery by her enemies. The people of King’s Landing called Daemon “Lord Flea Bottom,” even though he called himself “Prince of the City.”

Viserys had no live sons, so Daemon considered himself his brother’s heir. He also wanted to be called Prince of Dragonstone, but the king wouldn’t give it to him. In the same way, Otto Hightower didn’t want Daemon to follow Viserys. He suggested that Viserys’s daughter, Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, be called heir. Viserys didn’t talk about property because he thought a future son would take care of it.

Viserys’ first wife, Aemma Arryn, died while giving birth to his second son, Baelon Targaryen. Viserys’ first boy had died in the cradle. But Baelon died just one day after being born. People saw Daemon making drunk jokes about the “heir for a day” in a brothel on the Street of Silk.

Viserys was very upset when she heard this, so the angry king made Rhaenyra heir and princess of Dragonstone because his brother wasn’t thankful. The angry Daemon quit the gold cloaks and flew to Dragonstone with Mysaria on a Caraxes. He missed Rhaenyra’s ceremony in the Red Keep because of this.

Daemon got his lover, Mysaria, pregnant while living on Dragonstone. Viserys got angry and told Daemon to give the egg back and go back to Rhea in the Vale. He wanted to give her a dragon egg instead. Daemon sent Mysaria to Lys, but the child got lost when Mysaria’s ship went through a storm in the narrow sea. This made Daemon hate his brother even more.

In the Conquest of the Stepstones

In the year 106 AD, Daemon and Corlys Velaryon, Lord of the Tides, joined forces in a private war for the Stepstones. Daemon wanted to rule his own country, and Corlys wanted to free the Stepstones from Triarchy rule. Corlys was in charge of the Velaryon fleet, and Daemon led an army of explorers and second sons on his dragon, Caraxes.

Many people in Lys, Myr, and Tyrosh were against Daemon, and he killed Craghas Drahar in 108 AC. In 109 AC, Daemon made himself King of the Stepstones and the Narrow Sea after taking over all but two of the islands. Corlys the Sea Snake crowned him King. The Triarchy sent out a huge ship led by Racallio Ryndoon to take back the islands, and Dorne joined the fight against Daemon.

Daemon’s Return to Court

Daemon got tired of running his small kingdom and returned to the city, King’s Landing, during the tournament that gave the greens and blacks their names in 111 AC. He made peace with him by giving Viserys I Targaryen his Stepstones crown. Viserys I Targaryen was glad to see his brother again, and Daemon was given a place on the small council.

Daemon had not changed, even though he was old and had been sent away. He got back together with old friends in the City Watch and went back to the whores on the Street of Silk. Viserys’ second wife, Queen Alicent Hightower, and her children had made Daemon dislike them. They had also helped move him further down the line of succession.

He spent hours with his niece, Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, praising how beautiful she was, telling her stories about his travels, taking her hawking, and making fun of her stepmother Alicent and her greens. She got books, pearls, silks, and a jade tiara from Daemon that used to belong to the Empress of Leng. Daemon and Rhaenyra often used Caraxes and Syrax dragons to fly to Dragonstone.

Six months after Daemon came back, the brothers had another fight. Grand Maester Runciter said it was about an unnamed fight, while other people said Alicent wanted Daemon to leave. Septon Eustace said that Daemon had raped Rhaenyra and made her a girl before her sixteenth name day.

He also said that Ser Arryk Cargyll of the Kingsguard had found the two of them together. Rhaenyra tells Daemon she loves him in Eustace’s story. Instead, the legendary Mushroom said that Daemon had been teaching the girl how to charm her champion, Ser Criston Cole of the Kingsguard, who the girl was said to be in love with.

But when Rhaenyra went up to Criston, he turned her away. Lord of Harrenhal Lyonel Strong told Viserys, who was very angry, that Daemon should be punished for rebellion. But Eustace warned the council of the bad reputation of killing family members, so Daemon was sent away instead. Daemon went back to Bloodstone in the Stepstones and started fighting again over his empty kingdom.

Daemon’s Second marriage

In 115 AC, Rhea Royce, Daemon’s wife, died when she fell off a horse. Daemon left the Stepstones and flew to the Vale of Arryn to claim Runestone, which had been Rhea’s home, but House Royce said no. Lady Jeyne Arryn told Daemon to leave the Vale, so he went to Driftmark and saw the beautiful Laena Velaryon, who was the daughter of his friend Lord Corlys.

He asked the Sea Snake for her hand in marriage. She was already engaged to the son of a dead Sealord of Braavos, but Daemon and Dark Sister killed the Braavosi in a fight. Singers say Daemon fell in love with Laena at first sight. Others say he married into the powerful House Velaryon to stop his own fall from power, since he had fallen far down the line of succession and made many enemies on his travels.

The couple left Westeros for Essos because King Viserys I Targaryen disagreed with their marriage. Mushroom says the two went to the ruins of Valyria, but more reliable sources say they went on a tour of the Free Cities and saw Pentos, Volantis, Qohor, and Norvos. They returned to Pentos for a while and discovered that Laena was pregnant. In 116 AC, their girls Baela and Rhaena were born there.

The family moved back to Driftmark when the twins were six months old. He wrote to his brother and asked permission to bring his girls to court for a royal blessing. The king was told to say no by the small council, but Viserys told Grand Maester Mellos, “Daemon is now a father.” He’ll be different.”

A princess named Rhaenyra Targaryen married Laena’s brother, Ser Laenor Velaryon. Laena and Rhaenyra became close and often flew together on their dragons. Rhaenyra didn’t like her stepmother, Queen Alicent Hightower. With King Viserys’s approval, Rhaenyra set up marriages for her two oldest boys, Jacaerys and Lucerys Velaryon, to Baela and Rhaena.

In 120 AD, the Year of the Red Spring, Laena died while giving birth to a son who also died. Later that same year, Laenor was killed in Spicetown by Ser Qarl Correy, who was with him. From what Mushroom says, Daemon set up Laenor’s death by paying Qarl to do it. Lyonel Strong, Lord of Harrenhal, and Ser Harwin, his son, died in a fire at Harrenhal in the year 120 AD.

Some people thought that Harwin Breakbones was the real father of Rhaenyra’s children with Laenor, who were named Jacaerys, Lucerys, and Joffrey Velaryon. Because of this, Septon Eustace thought that Daemon might have started the strange fire.

Prince Daemon Targaryen’s Third Marriage

In 120 AC, when he was 39 years old, Daemon got married again. This time, it was to his sister Rhaenyra Targaryen, who was the Princess of Dragonstone and 23 years old. This marriage happened quickly and without King Viserys I Targaryen’s knowledge. It was scandalous because neither Laena nor Rhaenyra’s first husband, Laenor Velaryon, had been dead for six months.

Prince Aegon the Younger was born in 120 AD and Prince Viserys in 122 AD. They were both born to Daemon and Rhaenyra.

In the year 126 AD, Rhaenyra asked Lord Corlys Velaryon, who was sick, to make her second son, Lucerys Velaryon, his heir. A nephew of Corlys named Ser Vaemond Velaryon spoke out against Rhaenyra and said that Ser Harwin Strong had fathered her first three children. Rhaenyra had Vaemond captured by Daemon, killed, and then fed to Syrax.

Daemon in the Dance of The Dragons

In 129 AD, King Viserys I Targaryen passed away. This caused a civil war called “The Dance of the Dragons.” Viserys had already named Rhaenyra Targaryen, Princess of Dragonstone, as his heir, who was married to Daemon. However, the greens stopped Dragonstone from learning about the king’s death. The father of Queen Alicent Hightower, Ser Otto Hightower, didn’t like the idea of Daemon being king consort. Ser Criston Cole also didn’t like the idea because he thought Rhaenyra and Daemon would turn the Red Keep into a brothel. Critston made Aegon the Elder, Alicent’s son, King Aegon II Targaryen.

On Dragonstone, Rhaenyra gave birth to a girl who did not live. She named her Princess Visenya. Rhaenyra said the greens were to blame for the death of the child. At the meeting of the black council, Daemon suggested that they try to get the Great Houses to back Aegon II even though they hadn’t said so yet. Ser Steffon Darklyn had sneaked the crown of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen from the capital and put it on Rhaenyra’s head during her rival coronation on Dragonstone. Daemon then called his wife queen and himself Protector of the Realm.

Leading the attack on Harrenhal was the veteran Daemon. By landing Caraxes on top of Kingspyre Tower, he took the broken-down castle from its guardian, Ser Simon Strong, without any trouble. The riverlands rose up to back Rhaenyra after Daemon’s victory. Ultimately, Daemon led the attack on Stone Hedge from the greens.

After hearing that his nephew, Prince Aemond Targaryen, killed his grandson, Prince Lucerys Velaryon, at Storm’s End, Daemon hired Blood and Cheese through his ex-lover Mysaria to break into the Red Keep and kill Prince Jaehaerys, who was Aegon II’s son.

In his earlier adventures, Daemon made enemies for the blacks. These enemies came back to haunt them when Ser Otto Hightower, who was then the Hand of the King of Aegon II, got the Triarchy to send a fleet against them. There was a Velaryon blockade of Blackwater Bay, but the Battle of the Gullet broke it and killed Jacaerys, Daemon’s nephew.

Daemon left Harrenhal when Aemond and Criston marched up to the big castle with a lot of greens. In its place, Daemon flew Caraxes back to the city and helped Rhaenyra lead the blacks to victory over King’s Landing. Mysaria, Daemon’s girlfriend, became queen of the whisperers in all but name. Lord Corlys Velaryon wanted to make peace with their enemies and forgive the greens, but Rhaenyra and Daemon were more angry and wanted to get even.

Rhaenyra sent Daemon and Nettles on their dragons, Caraxes and Sheepstealer, to look for Aemond and Vhagar in the Trident. They were setting fire to the riverlands. Daemon kept Nettles, a seventeen-year-old Dragonseed, by his side at all times while they lived in Maidenpool.

Mushroom’s Testimony says that Daemon fell in love with Nettles, a lowly girl, and made her his bedmate, even though it seemed doubtful that a prince would date a girl from that class. Mushroom’s stories aren’t always reliable, but Gyldayn thinks this one is a lot more likely to be true than most of them. Maester Norren’s Chronicles of Maidenpool also says that “the prince and his bastard girl” slept in rooms next to each other and ate breakfast and dinner together every day.

Norren wrote that Daemon loved Nettles “as a man would love his daughter.” He said that Daemon taught her common courtesy and gave her nice things like an ivory hairbrush, a silvered-looking glass, a velvet and satin cloak, and leather riding boots. Norren also wrote that Daemon taught Nettles the right way to wash herself, and he noted that maids said they often washed each other in the same tub.

Ser Hugh Hammer and Ser Ulf White betrayed their friends at the First Battle of Tumbleton, which made Queen Rhaenyra’s court at the Red Keep very angry. Lady Mysaria made Rhaenyra even less trusting of Dragonseeds by telling her that Nettles was sharing Daemon’s bed and was about to give birth to Daemon’s baby. That made Rhaenyra very angry.

She said that Nettles used spells to join with Sheepstealer and seduce her husband and that Daemon could not be trusted while she had control over him. The queen sent a raven to Lord of Maidenpool, Manfryd Mooton, telling him to give Nettles’ head but not hurt Daemon.

She also told him to go back to the capital. Maester Norren said that Manfryd and his advisors disobeyed the queen and pretended they had never received the letter because they were afraid of Daemon sleeping next to Nettles and didn’t want to kill a guest or a young girl (or two guests, so Daemon wouldn’t get angry over the death of the girl he was “more than fond of” and take out his anger on Maidenpool). Maester Norren told Daemon that Rhaenyra had called Nettles a traitor.

Daemon answered with sadness, “A queen’s words, a whore’s work,” pointing out that Mysaria influenced Rhaenyra’s words. He then thanked the Maester for the warning. Daemon helped Nettles saddle Sheepstealer one last time before she ran away into the morning mists of the Bay of Crabs. It is unknown how they spent their last night together.

Norren says that Daemon and Nettles didn’t say goodbye, but as Sheepstealer flew off, Caraxes screamed so loudly that it broke every window in Jonquil’s Tower. The same day, Daemon told everyone that he was leaving for Harrenhal.

When Daemon arrived on Caraxes, squatters left Harrenhal, leaving the prince to wait for Aemond alone. Every night at dusk, he cut down the heart tree of the house, which was a Weirwood in the Godswood. The fourteenth day that Daemon had to wait, Aemond showed up on Vhagar with his lover, Alys Rivers.

As the two dragons fought in the Battle Above the Gods Eye, Daemon jumped off his horse and hit Aemond in the eye with Dark Sister. Both dragons crashed into the God’s Eye, and Caraxes made it to the shore before it died. Years later, the bodies of Aemond and Vhagar were found in the lake. Even though Daemon’s body wasn’t found, scholars are sure that he died there too.

Will Daemon Sit on the Iron Throne

Experts say that Daemon lived to spend the rest of his days with Nettles in secret because his body was never found in the God’s Eye.

He always wanted to sit on the Iron Throne, but Daemon never did. However, his sons Aegon III and Viserys II did. Princess Daena Targaryen named her jerk son Daemon Waters after her grandpa in the year 170 AC. It is said that Daemon’s thirteen cuts in the Weirwood of Harrenhal bleed every spring.

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