Abubakar Salim as Alyn of Hull

In 1993, on January 7, Abubakar Salim was born in Britain. He was in the running for a British Academy Games Award and was named a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit for his work on Assassin’s Creed Origins. He is well-known for his parts in the TV shows Jamestown (Sky One, 2018–2019) and Raised by Wolves (HBO Max, 2020–2022).

Abubakar Salim as Alyn of Hull

Born Alyn of Hull, Alyn Velaryon was Lord of the Tides, Master of Driftmark, and head of House Velaryon. She was also known as Alyn Oakenfist. Alyn was a legal bastard from Hull on the island of Driftmark and descended from dragonseeds. Ser Addam Velaryon was his brother, and he rode dragons.

Alyn was an admiral during the reigns of Aegon III Targaryen and Daeron I Targaryen. She took part in the Dance of the Dragons, the Daughters’ War, and the taking of Dorne. Six Times to Sea: Being an Account of the Great Voyages of Alyn Oakenfist, Hard as Oak, and Bastard Born are books that talk about his life.

How Alyn of Hull Looks Like and Character

Both Alyn and his brother Addam had purple eyes and silver hair. Like their mother, Marilda of Hull, they were small and swift. Alyn tried to tame the dragon Sheepstealer but failed. The dragonflame left scars on his back and legs that would not go away.

People thought that Alyn was proud, stubborn, and sometimes rude. He wasn’t good at negotiating.

Alyn of Hull Early life

And according to Archmaester Gyldayn, scholars still don’t agree on where Alyn came from. His mother, Marilda of Hull, said that Ser Laenor Velaryon fathered him and his brother Addam. Many people found this interesting because Laenor is known to prefer men in terms of sex.

The fool at court, Mushroom, said they were fathered by Laenor’s father, Lord Corlys Velaryon, but they were kept hidden and away from court so as not to anger Corlys’s angry wife, Rhaenys Targaryen. Addam and Alyn grew up in Marilda’s father’s shipyard, and they worked on her trade ship, Mouse.

Alyn of Hull in the Dance of the Dragons

Many men on Dragonstone tried to ride dragons after Prince Jacaerys Velaryon decided during the Dance of the Dragons that the blacks needed more dragonriders. This included dragonseeds like Addam of Hull and his younger brother Alyn. There was a wild dragon named Grey Ghost that Alyn tried to find but couldn’t find. Addam was able to win Laenor Velaryon‘s old dragon named Seasmoke. After that, he tried to train the wild dragon Sheepstealer.

The dragon set fire to his cape when he went into his den. Addingam, his brother, put out the fire with his own robe, and Seasmoke chased Sheepstealer away. Even though the experience burned and scarred Alyn, he felt lucky to have lived because other dragonseed and seekers who wanted to ride Sheepstealer ended up being eaten by him.

Lord Corlys Velaryon asked Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen to clear him and Alyn of the charge of being a liar not long after Addam had proven himself by flying Seasmoke. The queen agreed and gave the boys legal status. The next king of Driftmark was named Addam Velaryon.

Many people in the black council started to doubt Addams’s dedication after the Two Betrayers betrayed them. Lord Corlys was the only one who spoke out supporting the dragonseed. He said that Addam and his brother Alyn were “true Velaryons” and deserving of Driftmark.

When Addam ran away from Rhaenyra’s order to be arrested, the queen put Corlys in the black cells of the jail. After that, Addam fought and died in the Second Battle of Tumbleton to show his loyalty.

When Dragonstone fell, King Aegon II Targaryen fed Rhaenyra to Sunfyre. However, the king was stopped from going back to King’s Landing by Alyn, who was only fifteen years old. Queen Alicent Hightower and Lord Corlys Velaryon made a deal while Alyn was getting the Velaryon ships ready to attack Dragonstone.

Alyn took Aegon II back to the city on Mouse, Marilda’s old cog. In the year 131 AD, Alyn’s ships were the only thing protecting Aegon at the Gullet from Braavosi ships taking Valemen to King’s Landing. Armies of rivermen and northmen were also moving against the king. Corlys told Aegon II to step down, but the king refused, and soon after, he was found dead from poison.

Following a short siege, Dragonstone’s slaves beat Aegon II’s troops and gave up the castle to Alyn. During the Hour of the Wolf, Alysanne Blackwood talked Lord Cregan Stark, who had been the King’s Hand for a short time, into not killing Corlys. Septon Eustace says Cregan was worried about angering Alyn and the Velaryon ships. Alyn went to see Aegon III Targaryen become king and his wedding to Jaehaera Targaryen.

How he became the Lord of the Tides

When Lord Corlys Velaryon died in 132 AC, Alyn took over as Lord of the Tides. Alyn and his mother, Marilda of Hull, took Mermaid’s Kiss to take Corlys’ body to Driftmark. They then buried Corlys at sea on Sea Snake. Daemion and Daeron Velaryon both claimed Driftmark, but after Aegon’s regents decided against them, the brothers made peace with Alyn. Two of the quiet five, Ser Malentine and Ser Rhogar Velaryon, tried to kill Alyn at Castle Driftmark, but Ser Rhogar Velaryon chose to go to the black and Ser Malentine was killed.

As Corlys’s heir, Alyn tried to join the regents, but Ser Tyland Lannister, Hand of the King, turned him down because he was too young. Instead, he chose Lord Unwin Peake to replace Corlys. Later in 132 AC, the regents tried to marry off Lady Baela Targaryen, who was Aegon’s child and Alyn’s cousin, so that they would still be in charge of her if the throne went to her. Baela ran away from the Red Keep to avoid the marriage she didn’t want and came to Driftmark, where she told Alyn what was going on.

A fortnight later, they tied the knot in the sept at Dragons Tone. Some angry regents wanted to ask the High Septon to cancel the marriage, but the Hand had it made public that the king and court had set up the wedding because he thought Baela’s disobedience was more of a scandal than her choice of husband. From the regents’ point of view, Baela’s acts showed that she shouldn’t be Aegon’s heir and that Alyn wasn’t a good choice for Prince Consort.

In the Daughters’ War

King Aegon III Targaryen made Alyn his lord admiral after Ser Tyland Lannister died in 133 AC. Lord Unwin Peake became the new Hand of the King, even though the king didn’t want him to. Due to the Daughters’ War, the narrow sea was in chaos, so Unwin wanted there to be a Westerosi presence on Bloodstone.

Ser Gedmund Peake, Unwin’s uncle, was put in charge of the rebuilt royal fleet instead of Lord Alyn. Ned Bean was put in charge as his second in command. Unwin told Alyn to help Gedmund, who was new to fighting, attack the Stepstones. Queen Rhaenys was Alyn’s main ship in the battle.

Lord Alyn’s attack against the Braavosi in the Stepstones won him great fame and reputation. Alyn, who was known as Oakenfist and the Hero of the Stepstones, got awards and rewards from the regents even though Lord Peake tried to stop them. Ser Marston Waters, who was Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, made Alyn a knight, and the king made her master of ships.

The First Voyage

In the hopes that Dalton Greyjoy, the Red Kraken, would be killed, Unwin sent Alyn to deal with him. Alyn’s six great journeys, all on different ships, began with the expedition to the Western Lands in 133 AC.

Alyn spent two weeks with Racallio Ryndoon after sailing into Bloodstone on Lady Baela. Racallio was a confusing person who saw the Oakenfist as both a friend and an enemy. At one point, the pirate king made Alyn fight him in a mud pit.

Alyn had to kill three Tyroshi prisoners to show he wasn’t guilty after being accused of spying for the Archon of Tyrosh. Racallio was so happy that he sent two of his wives to Alyn’s room. No one knows if Alyn slept with the women, though. At some point, Racallio let Alyn’s fleet go past the Stepstones.

When Alyn stopped at Sunspear, he won over Aliandra Martell, Princess of Dorne. Bastard Born said Alyn slept with the young woman. At Oldtown, Alyn became friends with Lord Lyonel Hightower and Samantha Tarly. He also went to the Citadel and got blessed by the High Septon at the Starry Sept.

Tess had already killed Dalton by the time Alyn got to the western lands. Lady Johanna Lannister gave Alyn a golden seahorse. Alyn left a third of his ship with Ser Leo Costayne to help protect the Westerners.

On his way back, he stopped again at Oldtown. The younger brother of King Aegon III, Prince Viserys Targaryen, had survived the Dance of the Dragons and was being held by House Rogare of Lys. Alyn learned this from Drazenko Rogare when they got to Sunspear. The Oakenfist sailed to the Free City and talked with Lysandro Rogare about returning the prince.

Lady Baela Targaryen gave Alyn his daughter Laena when she returned to King’s Landing in 134 AC. Many people were happy that Alyn had saved Prince Viserys, but Lord Peake didn’t like the big ransom of 100,000 golden dragons. However, Aegon’s regents gave Alyn new titles. Lord Thaddeus Rowan took over as Hand after Unwin quit. Alyn brought his young family back to Driftmark.

War in the Vale

When Lady Jeyne Arryn died, the Iron Throne backed Ser Joffrey Arryn as her chosen son, even though Ser Arnold Arryn and Isembard Arryn also wanted to be king. Lord Thaddeus Rowan sent two armies to the Vale of Arryn to put down the revolt after Ser Corwyn Corbray died at Runestone.

Ser Robert Rowan took the right path, and Alyn took Moredo Rogare’s men by sea. At Gulltown, Alyn’s ships beat Isembard’s sellsails, but the supporters lost hundreds of men while taking the city.

The Lysene Spring finished with the defeat of the Rogares. Moredo then gave Alyn command of the ship and set sail for Braavos. In the end, Alyn and Lord Benjicot Blackwood got the Vale for Joffrey. In 136 AC, when the lords met at King’s Landing, Alyn suggested that Isembard learn how to handle money.

Rest of His Life

The Velaryons lost a lot of money to the Rogare Bank, so in 136 AC, Alyn put together a fleet of trade ships and war galleys, led by Bold Marilda, to go on a trading trip to Volantis. At first, his pregnant wife Baela was mad that Alyn was leaving Driftmark again.

Fighting pirates from the Stepstones and the narrow sea earned The Oakenfist a lot of respect. Lord Blackwood brought Addam Velaryon’s bones back to Driftmark from Raventree in the year 138 AC. Alyn put only one word on his brother’s new tomb: “LOYAL.”

King Daeron I Targaryen took over Dorne in 157 AC, and Alyn was in charge of the ships that helped him do it. While the main Dornish force was fighting Daeron in the Prince’s Pass, he led a fleet that broke through Planky Town and went up half way up the Greenblood River.

After the Dornishmen rose in 160 AC, Alyn returned to control the Planky Town and the Greenblood. But the next year, the Young Dragon Daeron was killed while carrying a peace flag. King Baelor I Targaryen, who came after him, made peace with the Dornish.

Ser Russell Stillman worked as a squire for Alyn and was made by her. Rue might have been with one of the Oakenfist’s lovers.

Alyn and his wife, Lady Baela Targaryen, had an unknown number of children. He was married, but he loved Princess Elaena Targaryen and had two bastards by her, the Waters twins, Jon and Jeyne. Around the year 175 AC, Alyn went missing at sea. Elaena, who had wanted to marry him, decided to marry someone else a year after he went missing.

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