Daniel Scott-Smith as Prince Craghas ‘The Crabfeeder’ Drahar

He was a prince admiral from Myr who worked for the Triarchy and was known as Craghas Crabfeeder. Daniel Scott-Smith plays Craghas in the TV version of House of the Dragon.

Craghas ‘The Crabfeeder’ Drahar Character in the Series

The Triarchy, comprised of Lys, Myr, and Tyrosh, drove Volantis out of the Disputed Lands in 96 AC with the Battle of the Borderland. Then, Craghas led the troops and fleets of the Triarchy to take over the Stepstones, which were full of pirates and other bad guys. He was known as “Craghas Crabfeeder” because he told hundreds of pirates camped out on beaches to drown in the rising tide during this operation.

The Westerosi lords were happy that the pirates had been defeated for a while and were willing to pay the Triarchy’s tolls to stay safe. A few years later, the greed of Craghas and his Lysene and Tyroshi co-admirals had pushed the toll too high.

Lord of the Tides Corlys Velaryon was hurt the most by these tolls. He teamed up with Prince Daemon Targaryen, hungry for glory, to attack in 106 AC, drive the Triarchy’s troops out of the Stepstones, and make a realm. The Triarchy’s armies lost a lot of fights in the War for the Stepstones over the next two years. Finally, Daemon beat Craghas in battle and cut off his head with Dark Sister, his Valyrian steel longsword.

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