Urrax; Whose History is a Mystery

Urax was a dragon who might have lived during the First Men’s time. Serwyn of the Mirror Shield legend killed Urrax, according to legend. The dragon only saw its reflection as Serwyn crept up on Urrax while hiding behind his shield, which was a mirror. By plunging a spear through his eye, Serwyn then killed him.

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Event where Urrax Appeared

Haldon questions Tyrion Lannister about how Serwyn of the Mirror Shield killed the dragon Urrax while attempting to get to know him better. He asserts that even Rolly Duckfield knows that tale and is unimpressed by Tyrion’s correct response.

Serwyn of the Mirror Shield, a famous person from the Age of Heroes, is said to have killed Urrax. The order of the Kingsguard was established in 10 AC, thousands of years after the Age of Heroes and the arrival of the first knights in Westeros, despite Singers saying he was a knight of the Kingsguard.

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