The Cannibal; Wild Dragon Who Eats the Young Ones

During the tumultuous era of the Dance of the Dragons, Dragonstone was home to a fearsome creature known as the Cannibal. This untamed dragon, with scales as dark as coal and piercing green eyes, was a sight to behold. Among the three wild dragons residing on Dragonstone, alongside Sheepstealer and Grey Ghost, the Cannibal reigned supreme.

Local inhabitants dubbed him the Cannibal due to his gruesome habits of feasting on deceased dragons, newborn hatchlings, and even precious dragon eggs. His presence cast a shadow over the island, making him a notorious figure during those chaotic times.

Cannibal’s Birth, History, and Status in the Dance of the Dragons

The precise age of the Cannibal remains a mystery. Legends suggest that Sheepstealer, another wild dragon, hatched during the early years of Jaehaerys I Targaryen’s reign or possibly during his youth when the Old King was still in power. In comparison, the Cannibal was considered the oldest and largest of the wild dragons, having participated in the Sowing, indicating an age surpassing even that of Sheepstealer.

According to some Dragonstone locals, whispers circulated that the Cannibal had roamed the island long before the Targaryens arrived in 114 BC. If this were true, it would make him the oldest living dragon in Westeros during the Dance of the Dragons, potentially even older than Vhagar, despite not being physically larger than Vhagar and Vermithor.

There was speculation that the Cannibal might have hailed from a different dragon lineage, explaining its hostile behavior towards other Targaryen dragons. However, experts such as Grand Maester Munkun and Septon Eustace met these claims with skepticism.

The Cannibal was infamous for its aggression, particularly against smaller dragons. Its lair was nestled at the rear of Dragonmont, on the eastern side. Numerous brave souls attempted to tame him before the Dance of the Dragons, but their endeavors ended in tragedy, their bones left as grim markers in his lair.

In the year 129 AC, when Prince Jacaerys Velaryon sought dragonriders, none of the dragonseeds dared to approach the Cannibal, well aware of his deadly reputation. Those who did attempt to subdue him never returned to share their harrowing experiences.

However, when Silver Denys dared to master Sheepstealer, the dragon fiercely retaliated, severing Denys’s arm. As Denys’s sons desperately tried to stop the bleeding, the Cannibal swooped down upon them, driving off Sheepstealer and ruthlessly devouring Silver Denys and his sons.

In the year 130 AC, a gruesome scene unfolded at Dragonmont when the lifeless body of the Grey Ghost was discovered, marred by burns, broken bones, and partial consumption. Ser Robert Quince, the castellan of Dragonstone, hastily accused the Cannibal of this heinous act, although, in truth, it was Sunfyre who had committed the deed.

Fear spread among the local fisherfolk, worried that the Cannibal might turn its wrath on them. They implored Ser Robert to dispatch knights to eliminate the supposed threat. Ser Robert, however, chose a different approach, believing that leaving the dragon undisturbed would keep them safe. He banned fishing in the waters east of Dragonmont, near the site where Grey Ghost’s body had been found.

Dissatisfied with Ser Robert’s explanation, Lady Baela Targaryen took matters into her own hands. Unafraid of the Cannibal, she intended to uncover the truth herself, aided by her dragon Moondancer, renowned for its speed. Despite her determination, Ser Robert prevented her from taking the risk, confining Baela to her chambers.

Remarkably, the Cannibal emerged as one of the four dragons that survived the tumultuous events of the Dance of the Dragons. In the year 132 AC, a peculiar tale circulated, suggesting that during the sea burial of Lord Corlys Velaryon, the Cannibal took flight and seemingly saluted the departed soul. Archmaester Gyldayn, however, cast doubt on this account, considering it more likely for the Cannibal to consume the corpse rather than pay respects.

Where The Cannibal Ended

Following the conclusion of the Dance of the Dragons, the Cannibal vanished, leaving behind a legacy shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

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