How to Watch House of the Dragon S2 Online in UK and Ireland

Embark on a journey into Westeros with “House of the Dragon,” now available in the UK and Ireland on Sky Atlantic and NOW. Dive into the Targaryen legacy with gripping narratives and stunning visuals.

This guide ensures you won’t miss a moment of the dragon-fueled drama. Let the intrigue begin!

HOTD S2 All Episodes Release Dates and Duration

HOTD Season 2 Online Streaming Free Anywhere in the World

How to Watch House of the Dragon S2 Online on Sky Atlatic in 4K

In the realm of television, Sky Atlantic proudly holds the mantle as the official home of HBO content in the UK, offering an exclusive gateway to some of the most compelling shows in the cinematic landscape. Among these, “House of the Dragon” emerges as a much-anticipated addition, promising to continue the legacy of its predecessor, “Game of Thrones.”

Sky Atlantic stands out for its role in bringing HBO’s premium content directly to UK viewers. From the enthralling dramas like “Euphoria” and “Succession” to the fantastical realms of “Game of Thrones” and its prequel, “House of the Dragon,” this channel curates a collection of shows that capture the imagination.

However, unlike other Sky channels that are available through various TV providers, gaining access to Sky Atlantic is a bit more exclusive. There are two primary avenues for viewers to step into this portal of premium content: subscribing to a Sky TV package or opting for an Entertainment Pass through Sky’s standalone streaming service, NOW.

For those who opt for the traditional route, subscribing to a Sky TV package not only grants access to Sky Atlantic but also unveils a plethora of channels covering sports, movies, and more. This option provides a comprehensive TV experience, ensuring you have the front-row seat to all the drama, intrigue, and dragonfire that “House of the Dragon” has to offer.

How to Watch House of the Dragon S2 Online in UK and Ireland
How to Watch House of the Dragon S2 Online in UK and Ireland

On the other hand, for those who prefer a more flexible and on-the-go viewing experience, the NOW Entertainment Pass is the key. This standalone streaming service from Sky allows you to access Sky Atlantic without the need for a full TV package. With the Entertainment Pass, you can stream the latest episodes of “House of the Dragon” and other Sky Atlantic exclusives on your preferred devices, be it your smart TV, laptop, or smartphone.

Navigating the streaming waters to embark on your “House of the Dragon” journey via NOW is a straightforward process. If you don’t already have a NOW account, sign up on the NOW website, choose the Entertainment Pass as your ticket to Sky Atlantic, complete the payment process, and activate your pass. Once done, you’ll have immediate access to the latest episodes and an extensive library of content.

NOW is compatible with a variety of devices, including smart TVs, gaming consoles, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Pick your preferred device, install the NOW app, and begin your journey into Westeros.

How to Get Sky Atlantic with a Sky TV package

With Sky TV, you get more than just HBO shows. You can watch other cool shows and Sky’s own creations on channels like Sky Atlantic, Sky Witness, Sky Max, and Sky Showcase.

And if that’s not enough, Sky makes it easy for people who already have Sky to make things even better. You can upgrade to Sky Cinema for lots of movies or get the Sky Sports package for special live sports events. You can also add or remove extra things, like box sets or kids’ shows, whenever you want, and it’s all flexible with a 31-day option.

If you’re a Sky customer, they give you a Sky Q box. This makes your TV experience even better. You can watch shows live on your TV or on two other devices like laptops, phones, tablets, or game consoles with Sky Go.

Sky is a quad-play provider, which means you can bundle your TV, internet, landline, and mobile phone plan all together with Sky. This makes things simpler, saves you money, and puts all your bills in one place.

How to Stream HOTD S2 All Episodes on with NOW

NOW is like your own personal streaming genie, granting you access to the content you love on your terms.

With the NOW app, you can snag themed TV memberships each month, and if you’re a sports buff, there are daily and mobile-only passes for Sky Sports. Feeling like a TV connoisseur? Stack those TV memberships to unlock even more viewing options.

But NOW isn’t just about TV—it’s a triple-threat provider. In addition to streaming goodness, NOW offers broadband and landline services. So, whether you’re binge-watching your favorite show or making a call, NOW has you covered.

Signing up for NOW TV memberships is a breeze, and the app is your ticket to entertainment bliss. It’s compatible with most laptops, smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, game consoles, and smart TVs, ensuring you can watch your favorite shows anytime, anywhere.

The passes and app give you the power to watch live channels (although not on all devices) or dive into on-demand content, depending on the TV pass you choose. It’s entertainment at your fingertips, ready whenever you are.

Now Memberships

Let’s break down the entertainment feast offered by NOW with its TV memberships:

Entertainment Pass

Craving Sky Atlantic? The Entertainment Pass is your golden ticket. Get access to Sky Atlantic’s programs, whether you want to catch them live or on-demand. Plus, you get 18 other cool pay TV channels to keep the entertainment flowing.

Cinema Pass

Love movies? The Cinema Pass is your pass to cinematic bliss. Watch Sky Cinema films live or whenever you’re in the mood with on-demand access.

Sports Pass

Game on! The Sports Pass lets you dive into the action with daily, weekly, or monthly passes. Watch live matches and events across 11 Sky Sports channels, ensuring you never miss a sporting moment.

Hayu Pass

Reality TV aficionado? The Hayu Pass has got you covered with all the latest reality TV from the US. Dive into the drama, the laughs, and the jaw-dropping moments.

The beauty? You can pick any of these passes individually or stack them together—creating your entertainment masterpiece. And guess what? You’re the boss; cancel whenever it suits your household’s needs. NOW puts the remote control firmly in your hands, giving you the power to curate your own entertainment experience.

NOW vs Sky Which One is better to Stream HOTD Season 2

Deciding between Sky and NOW hinges on your specific needs, with both services offering advantages and drawbacks.

For those dissatisfied with their current TV provider or seeking an extensive array of Sky channels, a subscription to Sky makes practical sense. The guarantee of consistent HD streaming on Sky Atlantic, a feature subject to broadband speeds on NOW, is a notable advantage. Additionally, if you find yourself renewing NOW Entertainment TV memberships regularly or combining multiple TV passes, making the switch to Sky might offer potential savings.

Conversely, NOW’s appeal lies in its flexibility. The NOW Entertainment TV membership provides a compelling deal, especially for viewers less concerned with always watching in HD or those with a specific interest in a few series. NOW allows you to access Sky Atlantic when needed and cancel when you’re done, providing a convenient option for HBO enthusiasts who want to catch the latest series and then move on.

If the decision still feels elusive, a detailed exploration in our Sky vs NOW guide delves into set-top boxes, streaming quality, and additional features, aiding in a more informed decision-making process. Ultimately, the choice between Sky and NOW is about aligning with your viewing preferences and habits.

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