Seasmoke; A Young Dragon Having Two Riders

Seasmoke was a dragon ridden by Ser Laenor Velaryon and subsequently by Addam of Hull, the dragonseed. Seasmoke was a silver-grey dragon with light skin. It was of fighting size during the Dance, yet it was still a young dragon, nimbler in the air than his elder siblings. He was equivalent in size to Tessarion, who was roughly three times smaller than Vermithor and not nearly as terrifying.

Seasmoke; A Young Dragon Having Two Riders

Seasmoke’s Journey, Riders and the Death at the Second Battle of Tumbleton

Laenor Velaryon | First Rider

Seasmoke was a young dragon that had mated with Laenor Velaryon but had yet to ride him by 101 AC. Laenor’s pride and passion was Seasmoke. Seasmoke established its lair in the Dragonmont on the island of Dragonstone after Laenor’s death in 120 AC and remained riderless for over a decade.

Addam of Hull | Second Rider

Laenor’s “son,” Prince Jacaerys Velaryon, requested more Dragonriders for his group during the Dance of the Dragons. He promised knighthood, territories, and wealth to anyone who captured the riderless dragons. Most attempts to claim a dragon resulted in death or severe burns in an event known as the Red Sowing. Ser Steffon Darklyn, one of Rhaenyra Targaryen‘s Queensguards, was murdered in one of those attempts by Seasmoke.

However, fifteen-year-old Addam of Hull was later able to claim and ride Seasmoke. During Sheepstealer‘s attempt to claim Addam’s younger brother, Alyn of Hull, he used Seasmoke to defend him. Addam and Alyn were declared to be the late Laenor’s bastard sons, while it was suspected that they were actually the late Laenor’s father, Lord Corlys Velaryon of Driftmark.

In any case, Addam’s biological connection to Seasmoke’s prior rider may have played a role in it accepting him. Addam of Hull became Ser Velaryon, heir of Driftmark after Corlys Rhaenyra convinced her to cleanse Addam and Alyn of the taint of bastardy.

Seasmoke was one of the five dragons who took part in the Battle of the Gullet against the Triarchy and the Fall of King’s Landing. When it was agreed that Queen Rhaenyra would stay in King’s Landing, Syrax, Seasmoke, and Tyraxes were supposed to be enough to defend the city, and the rest of the dragonriders proceeded to battle. While at the capital, Seasmoke was confined in the Dragonpit.

Many voices in the black council questioned Ser Addam’s fidelity with the Two Betrayers on their minds. Only the Queen’s Hand, Lord Corlys Velaryon, defended the dragonseed, stating that Ser Addam and his brother Alyn were “true heirs” and deserving of Driftmark.

Queen Rhaenyra, fearing a turncloak, ordered Ser Luthor Largent to arrest Addam in the Dragonpit despite the Hand’s passionate objections.

Ser Addam, who had been forewarned, managed to depart with Seasmoke before being questioned. The queen lost not just a dragon but also her Queen’s Hand by ordering Addam’s imprisonment. Corlys was assaulted and imprisoned as punishment for warning Addam.

Ser Addam was keen to illustrate that not all bastards needed to wear turncloaks when the Second Battle of Tumbleton began. Ser Addam assaulted Tumbleton at night, catching the greens off guard. Addam could see the battle below him turning into a rout as anarchy ensued.

Two of the opposing Dragonriders, Hugh Hammer and Daeron the Daring, had died at this point; while Addam couldn’t have known, he could see Vermithor, Silverwing, and Tessarion. Tessarion, the riderless dragon, took flight, and Addam turned his dragon to meet her. Because they were both young dragons, they battled quickly and nimbly. The struggle ended when the riderless, furious Vermithor descended into the skies and began indiscriminately killing those on the ground.

Seasmoke swooped down on him as the Bronze Fury wreaked havoc, pushing him howling into the muck. Archmaester Gyldayn claims that Addam must have felt duty-bound to protect his soldiers on the ground, even though he knew deep down that Seasmoke could not compete with the older dragon.

The riderless Blue Queen quickly joined the conflict, and the three dragons fought to the death on the ground in dirt, blood, and smoke. Vermithor murdered Seasmoke by locking his fangs into his neck and ripping off his head.

He attempted to fly while holding his prey in his jaws, but his damaged wings couldn’t support his weight. He slumped and died within a brief period. Vermithor had also killed Tessarion, who died shortly after.

Lord Unwin Peake ordered a retreat following the Second Battle of Tumbleton, taking the remainder of the great force headed by Prince Daeron and Lord Ormund Hightower from Oldtown. Addam Velaryon, the suspected turncloak, had defended King’s Landing from the queen’s enemies at the expense of his own life. The remnants of Seasmoke and Vermithor become a tourist attraction in the reconstructed Tumbleton.

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