Fall of Dragonstone

Around the time of the First Battle of Tumbleton, the merchant cog Nessaria stopped at Dragonstone for repairs and supplies after being driven off course by a storm. They witnessed two dragons fighting near the Dragonmont. Intrigued by the sight, local fishermen explored the area the following day and found the burned and broken remains of the Grey Ghost. Dragonstone’s castellan, Ser Robert Quince, attributed the killing to the Cannibal.

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During the fall of King’s Landing, Lord Larys Strong had disguised King Aegon II and smuggled him to Dragonstone. Aegon was discovered by Sunfyre, his dragon, who had killed the Grey Ghost, not the Cannibal. Aegon and Sunfyre regained their strength, while Aegon’s supporters found locals willing to betray Rhaenyra due to their disapproval of her.

Dragonstone, poorly defended, fell easily. Robert was slain by Ser Alfred Broome, who was angered for not being named Castellan by Rhaenyra. Lady Baela, Prince Daemon‘s daughter, escaped her attackers on her dragon, Moondancer. However, Sunfyre blinded Moondancer with fire and eventually killed the younger dragon after they crashed to the ground. The injured and battered Baela was taken captive, and King Aegon II now held Dragonstone, although he broke his legs during the fighting.


Dragonstone fell under the control of King Aegon II Targaryen and the Greens after their victory. The injured Baela Targaryen, Aegon, and his dragon, Sunfyre, were seriously hurt during the aerial duel over the island. To greet Aegon’s sister upon her arrival, the charred body of Robert Quince, Dragonstone’s steward, master-at-arms, captain of the guards, and the upper torso of Grand Maester Gerardys were hanged from the castle battlements near the gate.

Upon Rhaenyra’s return to Dragonstone, she and her followers were swiftly defeated by the men led by Ser Alfred Broome.

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