Battle Above the Gods Eye

Rhaenyra Targaryen ordered Lord Manfryd Mooton of Maidenpool to send her the head of Nettles, accusing her of treason for allegedly becoming Prince Daemon‘s lover. Killing Nettles would break guest right, but refusing Rhaenyra meant being declared a traitor. Maester Norren suggested pretending not to have received the letter, informing Daemon of Rhaenyra’s command.

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Nettles and her dragon, Sheepstealer, left Maidenpool the following day without farewell. Daemon instructed Manfryd to spread the word that he would fly for Harrenhal, challenging Aemond to face him alone. Once Daemon left, Lord Mooton replaced Rhaenyra’s banners with King Aegon II‘s golden dragons.

Daemon took Harrenhal from the remaining occupants and waited for thirteen days. On the fourteenth day, Vhagar arrived with Aemond and his bedmaid, Alys Rivers, who was pregnant. A fierce battle ensued in the sky above the Gods Eye. The fight ended as the dragons tumbled into the lake, locked together. Legend has it that Daemon leaped from Caraxes to Vhagar and drove the Valyrian steel sword Dark Sister through Aemond’s blind eye. The dragons crashed into the lake moments later.

Caraxes crawled beneath Harrenhal’s walls and died, while Vhagar’s remains were found years later, still chained to the saddle with Aemond’s bones and Dark Sister in his eye-socket. Daemon’s body was never found, leading to speculation that he survived and spent his last days with Nettles. This event occurred on the twenty-second day of the fifth moon of the year 130 AC.


The loss of Aemond and Daemon, along with their powerful dragons, dealt a heavy blow to the Greens and the Blacks. Both sides lost skilled warriors, commanders, and formidable dragons.

Vhagar’s remains were discovered years later, still chained to her saddle with Prince Aemond’s armored corpse impaled by Dark Sister through his eye. Vhagar’s skull was brought to King’s Landing and displayed in the throne room, while Dark Sister was returned to House Targaryen.

Caraxes managed to crawl back to the shore from the Gods Eye before he died near Harrenhal. Daemon’s body was never recovered. Some stories suggest he survived and sought out his lover Nettles, but most historians dismiss this theory. They believe Daemon’s body was either carried away by currents or consumed by fish.

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