Moondancer; A Pale Green She Dragon with Pearled Wingbones

Lady Baela Targaryen ridden Moondancer, a juvenile she-dragon. Moondancer was a slim, pale green figure. Her horns, crest, and wingbones were all made of pearl. She moved quickly, both in the sky and on the earth. Although Moondancer was not deemed large enough in 129 AC to carry the thirteen-year-old Baela Targaryen on her back, Baela could saddle the dragon a year later. The Moondancer weighed less and was no bigger than a warhorse then.

Moondancer’s Journey and Way to the End on Dance of the Dragons

For most of the first two years of the Dance of the Dragons, Moondancer stayed at Dragonstone with her rider, Lady Baela Targaryen. It was stated around the time of the First Battle of Tumbleton that Baela had begun riding Moondancer “not half a year past,” which would be approximately late 129 AC (whether she began before or after the Battle of Rook’s Rest is unclear).

During that half-year, Baela trained intensively on Moondancer, riding her to all regions of Dragonstone every day. She also rode Moondancer to and from neighbouring Driftmark.

When the corpse of the dragon Grey Ghost was discovered on the other side of the Dragonmont, it was assumed that he had been murdered by the dragon known as the Cannibal. Baela boldly volunteered to accompany little Moondancer to track him down, claiming that her smaller and more agile dragon could outmaneuver him.

Ser Robert Quince, Dragonstone’s castellan, decided it wasn’t worth the danger and confined Baela to her apartments. Grey Ghost had been murdered not by the Cannibal, but by the gravely injured Sunfyre, the dragon of King Aegon II Targaryen himself, which was unknown at the time. Sunfyre remained hidden on the opposite side of the island.

When Aegon II Targaryen and his troops captured Dragonstone, Baela escaped from her bedchambers as the door was battered. She reached Moondancer’s stable, untied the dragon’s shackles, and strapped a saddle to her. Baela and Moondancer climbed up to meet Aegon II as he flew Sunfyre above Dragonmont’s flaming peak, intending to land triumphantly in the castle courtyard.

In the air, the two dragons fought ferociously. The younger, smaller Moondancer was considerably more agile than the half-crippled Sunfyre, and she managed to avoid his flames, jaws, and claws for a time while severely wounding Sunfyre on his back and misshapen wing.

A jet of Sunfyre’s flames smacked Moondancer in the eyes, blinding her. Despite the fire, Moondancer charged toward Sunfyre, crashing into and collapsing with him. Although both dragons survived the fall, Moondancer’s speed on the ground could not overcome Sunfyre’s size and weight. Sunfyre eventually killed the younger dragon and devoured her carcass.

Nonetheless, Moondancer had succeeded in mortally wounding her opponent. Sunfyre died in the year’s final month from wounds received during the conflict.

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