Drogon, The Aggressive of the Three, Owners, Birth and More

Drogon is a dragon that was born in the Dothraki grassland. He is named after Daenerys Targaryen’s late husband, Khal Drogo, and he follows her orders. Some people think Drogon is Balerion the Black Dread reborn, but Daenerys gives him a different name for his new life.

How it look like?

Drogon has black scales, red horns and spinal plates, and red eyes that look burning. His teeth are also black. His fire is black and red, and you can feel the heat up to thirty feet away. The sound his wings make is like thunder. He has dark blood that is black in color.

Drogon is the biggest and fiercest of Daenerys’s three dragons. She struggles to control him. As of around 300 years after the conquest, Drogon’s wings are twenty feet long from end to end and black like jet.

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Appearances in the Events

A Game of Thrones

During Daenerys Targaryen’s wedding to Khal Drogo, she gets many presents, including three dragon eggs that have turned into stone from Magister Illyrio Mopatis. Drogon’s egg is black like the dark sea at night, with red ripples and swirls.

The maegi, Mirri Maz Duur, says that one must sacrifice a life to create new life. Daenerys sets fire to Drogo’s body, Mirri Maz Duur, and the three eggs. This causes Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal to be born.

A Clash of Kings

Daenerys calls the black dragon Drogon in the Red Waste, after her husband Khal Drogo.

When Daenerys gets to Qarth, the people there are amazed by Drogon and the other dragons. Drogon is sitting on her shoulder when she goes into Qarth.

When Daenerys hears from Quhuru Mo that King Robert Baratheon, also known as the Usurper, has died, Drogon sits on her lap. He makes a hissing sound, and light smoke goes up in front of Daenerys’s face like a thin cloth.

When Daenerys enters the House of the Undying, she brings Drogon. After entering, Drogon responds to the images that Daenerys sees. When the Undying attack Daenerys, Drogon protects her by attacking the beating heart in the middle of the room, which kills all of the Undying. This lets Daenerys get away from the House, and appears to really harm the building.

A Storm of Swords

Drogon is a little bigger than a small dog. To buy all the Unsullied in Astapor, Daenerys decides to sell Drogon to the Good Masters. But after she gets the Unsullied, she tells the masters that dragons are not slaves. Then, she says, “Dracarys” and Drogon breathes fire on Kraznys mo Nakloz’s face. Daenerys tells the Unsullied to attack their old masters, and Drogon helps destroy everything.

A Dance with Dragons

A man comes to Daenerys in her throne room. He has a bag with bones inside. He says that his child Hazzea was killed and eaten by Drogon. He names Drogon the flying shadow. Daenerys is scared and tells people to catch and lock up all three dragons. Viserion and Rhaegal are eventually tied up (although it wasn’t easy) in a temporary “dragon pit” in the Great Pyramid, but Drogon runs away and vanishes.

When the fighting arenas in Meereen are opened again, Drogon comes to Daznak’s Pit because he is attracted to the loud sounds and the smell of blood.

He is the biggest dragon among Daenerys’s three dragons. He has become even bigger in the wild, with his wings now measuring twenty feet across. Drogon goes down into the hole and kills the boar that had just killed Barsena Blackhair. Then, Drogon starts eating both bodies.

When someone makes him angry, he sets a lot of the arena on fire. This makes everyone panic and run away, hurting each other. A person who handles animals named Harghaz attacks Drogon with a long stick, almost killing him.

Daenerys rushes to her “child” when Drogon kills Harghaz. Daenerys has a hard time, and her hair and clothes get burned when she bathes in Dragonfire. But she figures out how to use a whip to scold and ride Drogon, then flies away on his back.

Drogon brings Daenerys to his Dragonstone home in the Dothraki Sea. After Drogon eats a horse on the plains, he and Daenerys are found by Khal Jhaqo’s group of riders.

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