Dreamfyre; the She Dragon, Owners and History

Dreamfyre, a female dragon, served as the mount for Princess Rhaena Targaryen first, and subsequently for Queen Helaena Targaryen.

Dreamfyre was a svelte female dragon. The predominant hue of her complexion was pale blue, accompanied by silver patterns. The individual possessed silver crests and wings of a pale blue hue. By the year 35 AC, Dreamfyre had reached a size allowing the twelve-year-old Rhaena Targaryen to saddle the dragon successfully.

Dreamfyre; the She Dragon, Owners and History

Dreayfyre’s History, Owners and Journey to the Death

Rhaena Targaryen, The First Rider & Her Birth History

Dreamfyre was born when King Aegon I Targaryen was ruling. When she was a baby dragon, she became friends with Princess Rhaena Targaryen, who was nine years old then. Princess Rhaena was the first grandchild of Aegon I. This happened in the year 32 AC.

Three years later, she started riding Dreamfyre. In 41 AC, Rhaena married her brother, Aegon, and their father, King Aenys I Targaryen, sent them on a royal journey. Rhaena wanted to bring Dreamfyre with her, but her dad said no because Aegon hadn’t gotten a dragon yet. The king didn’t want his son riding a horse while his wife rode a dragon. Dreamfyre stayed in King’s Landing.

Rhaena’s dad, King Aenys, died in the year 42, and their uncle, Maegor, took the crown. Rhaena and her husband secretly went to King’s Landing in 43 AC, when Maegor was in Oldtown. Rhaena found Dreamfyre again, and Aegon got his own dragon, Quicksilver, which used to belong to his father.

They realized they couldn’t keep the Iron Throne, so they flew away from King’s Landing on their dragons to gather a group of soldiers. When Aegon fought against their uncle, Rhaena and Dreamfyre did not go with them. Aegon and Quicksilver died in a battle. Maegor, riding Balerion the Black Dread, killed them during the fight near the Gods Eye. Because Dreamfyre was younger and smaller than Quicksilver, some historians think that Dreamfyre wouldn’t have been a big danger to the Black Dread.

Princess Rhaena made her twin daughters Aerea and Rhaella go into hiding. But she couldn’t hide because she had Dreamfyre with her, who was hard to hide. So she flew Dreamfyre to Fair Isle, a place by the coast in the Sunset Sea. They stayed at Faircastle there. They stayed there until 47 AC, when Maegor told Rhaena to go back to King’s Landing.

Rhaena didn’t want to make Maegor angry and risk his dragon attacking Fair Isle. So, she flew on her dragon, Dreamfyre, to the Red Keep. But when she arrived, she discovered that Maegor wanted to marry her. His advisor, Tyanna of the Tower, had found Rhaena’s daughters and was using them as a way to control her.

Rhaena ran away from the Red Keep on a dragon named Dreamfyre the following year. She took her older daughter Aerea, and Maegor’s Valyrian steel sword Blackfyre. They went to be with her only living brother, Jaehaerys.

The Story After 43AC

By the year 43 AC, Dreamfyre had already laid two sets of dragon eggs. When Rhaena stayed at Fair Isle for the second time in 49-50 AC, Dreamfyre laid more eggs. The people on the island were worried about Dreamfyre being there. The eggs made a brother talk about how dragons would take over Fair Isle and eat the sheep and people.

He wanted someone to kill the dragons to stop this from happening. The man got arrested, but his words made people scared wherever they were heard. Rhaena decided to leave Fair Isle, taking Dreamfyre and the eggs with her.

After spending time at Casterly Rock, where Dreamfyre had a whole stable to herself, Lord Lyman Lannister showed interest in the three eggs. He asked how they would hatch and when that might happen. Lady Jocasta Lannister told Rhaena that giving the Lannisters one or more of the three eggs would be a nice way to show her thanks. After Rhaena said no, Lord Lyman said he would pay for the eggs.

Rhaena left Casterly Rock and traveled around the Westerlands. However, many lords in the west wanted a dragon for themselves, and she felt uneasy about how they stared at Dreamfyre and her eggs.

Story After 51AC

In the year 51, Rhaena went to King’s Landing on a Dreamfyre dragon. She went there for her brother and sister’s second wedding, King Jaehaerys and Queen Alysanne.

Rhaena talked about her problems during her visit. Rhaena eventually got Dragonstone as her own place. Sure, I can help you with that. Dreamfyre lived in the dragon yards at Dragonstone, and her eggs hatched at Fair Isle. Rhaena showed her daughter, Princess Aerea, the baby dragons and told her to pick one and fly with it.

In the year 54 AC, Rhaena discovered that her old friend Elissa Farman had taken three dragon eggs from Dragonstone and ran away to Pentos. Rhaena rode on Dreamfyre to King’s Landing to tell her brother, King Jaehaerys, about what happened. Jaehaerys made plans with Rhaena to make war with their dragons Vermithor and Dreamfyre should hatchling dragons appear anywhere in the world, though this turned out to be unnecessary.

Later that year, Rhaena flew her dragon, Dreamfyre, to Storm’s End to make peace with her mother, Dowager Queen Alyssa Velaryon. However, she arrived after Alyssa had already passed away while giving birth. During that same year, Rhaena’s female friends were all killed by her husband, Androw Farman, using a poisonous substance called tears of Lys.

When people found out about his crime, Androw killed himself by jumping out of the window of the Chamber of the Painted Table. Rhaena had his body cut into pieces and fed to Dreamfyre and the other dragons at Dragonstone.

In 54 AC, towards the end, Rhaena found out that her daughter Aerea had climbed onto Balerion and escaped from Dragonstone. Rhaena took Dreamfyre to the Red Keep because she believed Aerea was there. Rhaena stayed at the royal palace while Jaehaerys sent messages to everyone in the kingdom. But after a week, she decided to find Aerea alone and left on Dreamfyre to search for her daughter.

Sure, I can help you with that. I will rewrite your text using simple and easy words. However, Rhaena flew on Dreamfyre all across Westeros for over a year. They visited places like Oldtown, Highgarden, Crakehall, Casterly Rock, and Fair Isle. They also went to the barrowlands and the Fever River’s banks. They even went as far as the Red Mountains of Dorne and the Torrentine canyons.

Rhaena and Dreamfyre flew over places like the Fingers, the Mountains of the Moon, the rainwood on Cape Wrath, the Shield Islands, and the Arbor. But they couldn’t find what they were looking for. In the year 56 AC, Rhaena got a message while she was at Greenstone. The message said that Princess Aerea had returned to King’s Landing on a dragon named Balerion. She caught a dangerous illness that caused her death on the same day. When the raven brought the message to Rhaena, Aerea had already been burned.

Rhaena went back to King’s Landing and got her daughter’s ashes. Rhaena didn’t want to accept Jaehaerys’s offer to bury Aerea’s ashes on Dragonstone because Aerea didn’t like living there. Instead, Rhaena took the ashes up in the sky on Dreamfyre and let them go in the wind, saying that Aerea had “wanted to fly”.

Rhaena chose to isolate herself at Harrenhal after her daughter passed away. Even though she often rode Dreamfyre, she wanted to be by herself. Dreamfyre stayed at Harrenhal with Rhaena until she died in 73 AC. After that, Dreamfyre moved to the Dragonpit in King’s Landing.

Helaena Targaryen, The Second and Last Rider

When King Viserys I Targaryen was in charge, Princess Helaena Targaryen became bonded with Dreamfyre. Helaena started riding Dreamfyre when she was eleven years old, and she loved the dragon very much.

During the Dance of the Dragons, Helaena’s young son was killed in the war. After that, she was very sad and cried in the dark. She couldn’t ride Dreamfyre anymore. Dreamfyre lived in the Dragonpit. It is said that when Helaena jumped out of her window in Maegor’s Holdfast and died, Dreamfyre suddenly flew up and made a loud noise. This noise was so strong that it shook the Dragonpit and broke two chains that held Dreamfyre.

Dreamfyre breaks the roof of the Dragonpit in the Storming of the Dragonpit, as shown by Douglas Wheatley in Fire & Blood.

Dreamfyre was kept tied up in the Dragonpit when the people of King’s Landing attacked the pit. Among the four dragons, only Dreamfyre managed to escape her chains when the crowd entered. She flew, went around inside the big dome, and quickly attacked the men on the ground. She killed more men than the other three dragons together.

People with bows and crossbows shot arrows and bolts at her, and whenever she landed, men crowded around her to attack, forcing her to fly away again. Finally, a crossbow bolt grazed one of her eyes. Dreamfyre, who could only see partially and was very angry, flew into the large dome of the Dragonpit and caused it to crack. Half of it fell down, smashing her and the dragonslayers under a lot of broken stone and debris.

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