Caraxes the Blood Wyrm; Appearance, Attitude and Owners

Celebrated as the Blood Wyrm, Caraxes was a dragon initially bonded with Prince Aemon Targaryen and later partnered with Prince Daemon Targaryen.

With its striking red scales and imposing, lean physique, Caraxes was a formidable presence on the battlefield. Renowned for its experience and ferocity, the dragon earned a reputation as a seasoned warrior. As Caraxes aged, it became known for its wisdom and cunning.

During the turbulent era of the Dance of the Dragons, Caraxes, while mighty, was only about half the size of Vhagar, the most ancient and colossal dragon of that time. Meleys, another dragon, boasted superior speed to both Caraxes and Vhagar.

Caraxes the Blood Wyrm; Appearance, Attitude and Owners

Riders of Caraxes the Blood Wyrm

Aemon, the Prince of Dragonstone, First Rider

The exact hatching date of Caraxes remains a mystery, but by the year 72 AC, the dragon had grown to a size suitable for riding. In that pivotal year, Aemon Targaryen, the Prince of Dragonstone and the heir to the Iron Throne, claimed Caraxes as his own.

Within the Dragonpit, the Dragonkeepers recognized him as the most fearsome among the young dragons and bestowed upon him the moniker ‘Blood Wyrm.’ Aemon and his siblings Alyssa, Baelon, and their respective dragons Meleys, Vhagar, and Caraxes enjoyed taking to the skies together.

Caraxes became a vital asset during the Fourth Dornish War in 83 AC when Aemon deployed him against the Dornish fleet. In 92 AC, when rogue Myrmen invaded parts of Tarth, Aemon and Caraxes swiftly responded, aiding lords Cameron Tarth and Boremund Baratheon in repelling the invaders.

During this mission, Caraxes outpaced the Velaryon fleet, led by Lord Corlys Velaryon. Tragically, Caraxes indulged in a meal of goats when Prince Aemon met his untimely demise, struck down by a crossbow bolt to the throat.

Daemon the Rogue Prince, Second Rider

The nephew of Aemon, Prince Daemon Targaryen, claimed Caraxes as his horse by the year 105 AC. When Daemon left King’s Landing for Dragonstone on Caraxes, he brought his lover Mysaria with him.

Daemon used caraxes in the war for the Stepstones (106–115 AC). During that time, Daemon split his time between the Stepstones and Dragonstone. In Dragonstone, he often flew with his niece Princess Rhaenyra and her dragon Syrax. Daemon remarried Lady Laena Velaryon, and they went on a tour of the Free Cities of Essos with their dragons, Caraxes and Vhagar. Everywhere they went, huge crowds came to see both dragons.

During the attack on Harrenhal at the start of the Dance of the Dragons, Daemon put Caraxes on top of Kingspyre Tower.

Daemon confronted Aemond Targaryen and Vhagar at Harrenhal from atop Caraxes during the civil war. All four were killed in the next battle above the gods’ eye. They locked with Caraxes at the battle’s end, and both fell into the God’s Eye. While Caraxes was falling, Vhagar’s claws opened up his belly, and she used her teeth to cut off one of his wing-arms.

At the same time, Caraxes locked his teeth on the bigger dragon’s throat and tore it out. Vhagar did not make it through the fall. Still, Caraxes lived long enough to pull himself out of the water and onto the shore, even though one of his arms was completely torn off and his guts were coming out. The dragon died quickly in front of Harrenhal’s walls.

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