Quicksilver; A She Dragon Who Throws Pale Colored Fireballs

Quicksilver was King Aenys I Targaryen’s and Prince Aegon Targaryen’s she-dragon. Quicksilver was a fourth the size of Balerion in 43 AC. Her fireballs had a light white tone. Although her body color is not specified in the novels, her name and fire color imply that Quicksilver’s scales are silver.

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Quicksilver’s Journey, Her Riders and Death

Quicksilver formed a relationship with newborn Prince Aenys Targaryen, who was also born in 7 AC. Aenys, who had been sickly since infancy, had a dramatic improvement in his health as a result. This also stopped speculation that Aenys was fathered by someone other than King Aegon I Targaryen.

Both prince and dragon flourished together, and Quicksilver became Aenys’ favorite. Aenys enjoyed to ride horses, but Quicksilver was his favorite.

Aenys flew on Quicksilver to Sunspear in Dorne in 23 AC to attend a feast commemorating the tenth anniversary of the peace between Dorne and the Iron Throne. In 37 A.D., Aenys succeeded his father, Aegon I Targaryen, as king.

When his father died, he was in Highgarden with Quicksilver and traveled to Dragonstone on the dragon to attend his father’s funeral. He was in Riverrun with Quicksilver when rebellions erupted later that year.

When word came that an outlaw known as Harren the Red had assassinated Lord Gargon Qoherys of Harrenhal and taken the castle for himself, Lord Tully pushed Aenys to ride Quicksilver and descend on Harrenhal like Aegon I had done during the Conquest. Aenys declined.

In early 42 A.D., King Aenys I Targaryen died. Quicksilver burned his funeral pyre at Dragonstone, and the dragons Silverwing and Vermithor joined her. Soon after, Aenys’ half-brother Maegor I Targaryen seized the Iron Throne from his nephew Prince Aegon Targaryen.

When Maegor took the throne, Prince Aegon and Princess Rhaena Targaryen were besieged at Crakehall (and later safeguarded at Casterly Rock), but Quicksilver and Rhaena’s dragon Dreamfyre were at King’s Landing.

Aegon and Rhaena took note of King Maegor’s protracted absence from the city while he was at Oldtown for half a year in 43 AC. They successfully infiltrated King’s Landing with the assistance of some city collaborators, but they realized they couldn’t steal the crown since they lacked the strength to maintain it.

They had come for dragons – Rhaena was reunited with Dreamfyre, and Aegon finally got his hands on Quicksilver, his father’s dragon. They had arrived in the city in a mule-drawn wagon, but had fled on dragonback.

In 43 AD, Prince Aegon returned to the Westerlands and Riverlands to gather an army to reclaim the crown that was rightfully his. His supporters met in the Pinkmaiden Castle of House Piper.

Aegon, riding Quicksilver, descended from the heavens to expose Maegor as a tyrant and usurper and to unite all honest men behind his banners. Aegon the Uncrowned on Quicksilver led a force of fifteen thousand warriors in a march across the Riverlands towards King’s Landing.

Aegon’s army was greater than any of the three, but the inexperienced young commander did not wish to assault and defeat each one separately, so he marched on to the city.

A troop of Crownlands warriors blocked Prince Aegon’s way just south of the God’s Eye. Aegon ordered an assault on the hill where the Kingslanders had assembled, intending to splinter them before the other hosts flanked him.

Aegon rode Quicksilver and prepared to lead the assault. However, he had only just taken flight when King Maegor emerged from the south on the back of his dragon Balerion, which was four times the size of Quicksilver. Dragon battled dragon in the skies for the first time since the Doom of Valyria, while the Battle Beneath the Gods Eye was waged below.

Quicksilver was no match for the older, fiercer dragon, and her pale white fireballs were smothered by Balerion’s swarms of black flame. Then, from above, Balerion descended on Quicksilver, grabbing her neck in his fangs and ripping one of her wings from her body. Quicksilver and Prince Aegon were both killed.

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