The Dragonseeds

Upon learning of the devastating loss of his wife Rhaenys, Lord Corlys Velaryon briefly wavered in his allegiance to Rhaenyra’s cause. However, Prince Jacaerys swiftly appointed him Hand of the Queen, solidifying his commitment.

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Meanwhile, Prince Joffrey, accompanied by Lady Rhaena and three dragon eggs, set off for the Vale of Arryn riding his dragon Tyraxes. In a strategic move, Prince Aegon the Younger and Prince Viserys were sent to Pentos aboard the Gay Abandon, under the care of the Prince of Pentos, a trusted friend of Daemon‘s, until Rhaenyra could secure her rule on the Iron Throne.

Jacaerys, intent on amassing as many dragons as possible, devised a plan to bolster their forces. With six riderless dragons available on Dragonstone, he called upon potential Dragonseeds, offering knighthood and riches to anyone who could successfully master a dragon.

Many attempts resulted in injuries and deaths, including the esteemed Lord Commander Steffon Darklyn. However, four individuals eventually succeeded in their efforts. Hugh Hammer claimed Vermithor, Ulf the White bonded with Silverwing, Addam of Hull tamed Seasmoke, and a remarkable girl named Nettles formed a bond with Sheepstealer.

In a gesture of gratitude for Addam’s valor, Lord Corlys urged Rhaenyra to legitimize him and his brother Alyn, removing the stain of bastardy and recognizing them as true Velaryons. Additionally, Addam was named the heir to Driftmark, strengthening their family’s lineage.

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