Aegon II’s Death

As the black army led by the Lads approached King’s Landing, no significant green forces were left to stop them. Lord Cregan Stark was marching south, and other armies converged from the Vale of Arryn. Despite the dire situation, King Aegon II Targaryen refused to surrender.

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Even Lord Corlys Velaryon, now master of ships on Aegon’s small council, advised him that surrendering and joining the Night’s Watch was the only remaining option. However, Aegon II was adamant and instead ordered his nephew, Aegon the Younger, to have his ear cut off and sent it to the Lads as a warning. If his bloodline died, so would Rhaenyra’s.

Shortly after issuing this gruesome order, Aegon II was found dead, his lips stained with blood from poisoned wine. The identity of the poisoner remained a mystery, although twenty-two men would be arrested in connection to the king’s death.

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